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Anti-Aging & Skin Health

What we do offer goes Beyond the Surface
Clinical Facial Treatments can help to address a wide range of concerns such as sun damage, uneven skin-tone, fine lines, scaring and skin laxity .
Our facial treatments aim to improve the look and feel of your skin while restoring a youthful appearance.
Do you know the the difference between a spa facial and a clinical facial?
We all know facials and how soothing it is for the skin, but are you aware of the difference between a spa facial from a clinical facial?
Clinical facials are not as relaxing or pampering; more attention is given to serious skin concerns and need a clinical approach to achieve the results you want. Stronger concentrations and prescription-strength ingredients are used, along with equipment base treatments, more aggressive peels like microdermabrasion, micro-needling, facial toning and other technologies.
The treatments usually take about 60 to 75  minutes  and rarely do you have to change into a spa gown unless we are treating the decollete.
These are the kind of facials that deals with serious skin concerns that requires a clinical approach to achieve optimal skin results.
Micro Needling

Micro Needling & Stem Cell Treatment

Micro Needling is fast becoming one of the most sought after collagen induction treatments in town for its ability to diminish line lines and wrinkles, improve skin tone and texture and fade scars without surgery or downtime!

Benefits of Micro Needling:

  • Increases the thickness of the skin
  • Reduces the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles
  • Fades acne scars, stretch marks and surgical scarring
  • Improves skin tone and texture

Micro needling is a more natural and economical approach to anti-aging skin rejuvenation and the treatment of acne scarring.

By using the body’s own rejuvenating process, the micro needling treatment stimulates by creating very small, controlled channels in the skin by “stamping” the skin’s surface and creating micro channels.

The treatment is very similar to the popular Dermapen treatment or derma roller, however the unique “stamping” technique allows for a more controlled  and precise treatment.

Treatment Information

Micro needling is used to treat acne scars, stretch marks and as an overall anti-aging skin treatment.  A topical infusion treatment containing hyaluronic acid and stem cells is applied to improve skin. Following the infusion treatment, a handheld device similar in shape to a pen with very tiny needles at the tip, is administered to increase the penetration of the infusion treatment.

The treatment may feel like a slight tickling sensation to more of a pinching sensation.

Following the micro needling treatment, the body begins to stimulate regeneration of the skin by creating even more new collagen and elastin; resulting in smoother, firmer and more youthful-looking skin. The skin may appear slightly pink, similar to very mild sunburn, for a day or two after the treatment. Additionally the skin may feel slightly dry and tight.

Results achieved from the micro roller treatment have been compared to those achieved with laser skin resurfacing treatments such as Fraxel®, but without the associated cost, redness and downtime.

For best results, multiple micro needling treatments are needed, typically six to twelve treatments, 2 to 3 weeks apart initially. As an  preventive anti-aging skin treatment, a series of treatments  are recommended 3 times a year.

Eyes & Lips     $150 each          3 Sessions $375          5   Sessions   $575

Face                 $225 each         3  Sessions $555          5 Sessions    $850

Face & Neck   $250 each            3 Sessions  $675           5 Sessions  $975

Skincare Therapies

Facial Toning or Myotonology

Facial Microcurrent is a safe, painless, non-surgical, non-invasive anti-aging procedure that helps tone, lift and firm sagging facial muscles back to its original position and shape.

“It’s like a little workout for your face,” actress Jennifer Aniston said in an interview with InStyle magazine last year.

The electrical stimulation technology behind the microcurrent facial has been used in partnership with various treatments for patients afflicted with Bell’s palsy, a sudden paralysis or weakness of facial muscles that causes one side of your face to appear to droop. Now the technology is making waves in the cosmetic field.

For a cosmetic procedure, an aesthetician would apply a conductive gel to your face. The same type of gel is used for ultrasound scans, since it allows for the distribution of electric impulses. Next, the aesthetician would use two prongs to apply electrical currents to the skin’s surface, stimulating the facial muscles underneath. “These two wands talk to each other. They’re delivering currents back and forth to stimulating the top layer of the skin and the muscle.”

Treatment sessions last for about 30 minutes to an hour. A complete treatment course has an average of 10-15 treatments within the first 8 weeks with a recommended once a month maintenance treatment. However, the number of treatment varies depending on each client’s skin condition and muscle tone.

The more procedures you undergo, the more results you may see, she said. During the treatment, patients might feel “a little bit of a tingle” on the skin or have a metallic taste in the mouth, but many find the procedure to be relaxing.

The procedure ranges from $128  Series of 6 $600

Advanced Skincare

Lymphatic Facial

Facial lymphatic drainage is profoundly relaxing and effective. By eliminating excess fluids and toxins, the result is tighter, younger looking skin, with a firmer feel and an all-over glow.

This advanced treatment is a special massage used for building the immune system and detoxifying your body.  The special strokes used in this massage technique relaxes the sympathetic nervous system, relieving stress at all levels.

Your lymphatic system is a network of vessels and fluid located just below your skin.  It’s main function in the body is to remove toxins from your system by absorbing them into your lymph then transporting them to lymph nodes where the are purified.

The lymph system both delivers nutrients to the cells and carries away excess water, cellular waste, bacteria, viruses and toxins, enhancing your natural immune system.

This facial is ideal for all skin types, especially acne-prone or those with rosacea. Because of the detoxifying aspects of this lymphatic treatment, this facial is particularly ideal for those experiencing sinus congestion or puffiness in the face and  dark circles around the eyes that can be associated with allergies or a lack of sleep.

We reach a balance in health and appearance when we detoxify, nourish, and repair our bodies, both from the inside and out.

$98   3 treatments for $264